U-Report lets you speak out on issues that matter. You also get a chance to know what young people around the country are thinking too. Sign up today via SMS or Facebook. Your voice matters!
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U-Reporters sign up voluntarily. There are currently two ways for anyone aged 13-24 to become a U-Reporter:

SMS: Send “JOIN” to 405. Both ATHKL and Ocean Link customers can send text for FREE. Facebook Messenger: simply open the app and search for @ureportkiribati and begin the conversation with “JOIN”. Once the registration is complete, U-Reporters receive regular polls asking for their opinions on issues such as health care, education, protection, and other available services in their communities.

Answers are analyzed and displayed on a public dashboard with answers consisting of a mix of qualitative and quantitative data, which are then mapped according to region and compiled on a national level.

Results are shared with all U-Reporters with emerging issues explored further via additional questions and responses, thus building a cohesive citizen-led dialogue on social development and human/child rights that is communicated to policymakers and publicized in the media to influence social change.

Why Join U-Report?
  • Speak out on what's happening in your community
  • Use U-Report results and information to update and increase citizen's awareness
  • Participate in nationwide campaigns to help improve your country
  • Share what's happening around Kiribati with other U-Reporters


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